September 2, 2010

not too exciting...

There hasn't been many interesting things going on around here lately.

School has officially started which means
James has been doing a whole lot of this...

(he only had to read about 700 pages for the first week)

and I've been hanging out with a whole lot of these...

So here's some randomness from our life lately:

I think about Mrs. Carter in the 4th grade every time I take up Silly Bands. For some reason, she didn't seem to like Jots very much (does anybody remember those?!) and would always take them up if we got them out in class. If I see a Silly Band off your arm, it's mine. Here's my collection from this week:

I love children's literature and get seriously excited when I get to order from Scholastic. Look at all these books I got for free, thanks to some huge parent orders. So fun ordering all these chapter books for 2nd graders!

I get to drive across this bridge every morning on the way to school and really love this view.

I also get to drive through this great neighborhood that has lots of really cute cottage style homes. Here's my favorites.

I just might have a thing for red and American flags.

And last...

We drove to Atlanta this weekend to go to a school picnic for James (beyond awkward but then we went to the nicest mall ever so it was worth it I guess) and we saw a few hints of fall in the mountains!

We're so excited to head to Starkville tomorrow to spend the weekend with Mel and Andy and to watch our Bulldogs play!

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The Gundy Bunch said...

this is a great update, jessica! and i miss being able to order scholastic books!! at ajg's old school we were able to order tons of great books.:) and we are such kindred spirits with our taste in houses! those are ADORABLE! have fun this weekend! go dawgs!


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