August 29, 2011

ikea's rast makeover

somehow, in all the moving, we didn't make it up with with our bedside tables.

problem 1 - i put a lot in the big, 3 drawers of my old table, besides the lamp on top and all.
problem 2 - there were about a million other things i wanted to get for our new place besides bedside tables.

so on our first trip to ikea, we picked up these unfinished Rast chests for about $30 each.

if you google 'ikea's rast makeovers' you'll get a ton of awesome ways people have finished these chests, but the most popular, by far, is some version of *this* makeover, based on one originally found in Style at Home magazine. I needed something quick and easy, so we went ahead and copied it as well.

after we put them together, james hauled all the pieces down to the parking lot for me. i primed and painted the drawers with benjamin moore's chantilly lace and stained the outside piece. now this wood isn't exactly the highest quality, prettiest wood, so i'm glad we just stained the outside piece.

i tried to make the cheap little knobs look pretty, but there was no helping them, so i ordered these knobs from *here* for a serious steal. unfortunately, when we got them, i realized i bought the wrong kind to fit into the pre-drilled holes in the drawers. to fix it, i ended up tossing the back piece and just using the square pulls.

and the finished product -

i'm super pleased with how they turned out and - even better - love all the great storage in all those drawers.

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