August 8, 2011

the last box...

has finally been unpacked.
and that makes me happy.

all the others have actually been unpacked since last week but this particular box was making such a great bed side table that i hadn't gotten around to unpacking it. and what-do-you-know, the shower rings i've been looking for were in the bottom of it, of course.

for the first time since we got married 4 years ago, all of our china and wedding gifts are actually in our house instead of storage. for some reason, that also makes me happy.

so just watch out. i could throw a fancy-shmancy party at any given moment.
as long as i wasn't actually cooking the food.

ok, off to now organize the closets that i threw everything in last week when unpacking.

1 comment:

Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Fancy shmanchy birthday dinner for abby when I come up to see you in October! So far the dates could be: oct. 7 (prob not- my fall break but pd day for jen) oct 14, or Oct 28 (my actualy bday- jen has conferences that week and I could just take my bday off maybe.....we will see.......Im hoping to come in the middle assuming that is okay with your schedule. =) Glad boxes are unpacked......such a good feeling! After moving about 7 times, I don't even know where my china is! I think mom has it!


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