August 18, 2011

new school... again

i started school this week and can i just say, i hate being the new kid? because of my intense fear of walking into a room by myself, "meet and greet breakfast" sounds a lot like "chinese water torture" to me.

surprisingly, i'm still alive and here to say i made it through.

this is my first go-round at a christian school and wow.
really wow.

we started off wednesday morning with praise and worship led by the youth group's lead band and finished the day off with an early screening of the new movie by the Love Dare guys, Courageous. Popcorn, drinks, and movie candy were definitely involved. (by the way - you have got to go see this movie when it comes out! it is aaa-maaa-zing. take everybody you know. amazing.)

although i've always had it in my heart, i've never started the year with such a passion to serve the Lord in my job. needless to say, i'm really enjoying my job -

and the kids don't even come for another 2 weeks!

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Some Bryant Happiness! said...

I was wondering how your time was there. We will have to compare notes soon! We started the first day off with prayer as a staff, and MAN, what a neat thing! I will blog soon about my new beginnings as well at some to you!


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