August 12, 2011

where did all my time go?

umm. to pintrest. i'm pretty sure hours go by without me knowing it.
not really, but close.

i used to have tons of saved bookmarks on my computer of all my favorite projects in blogland, but then everybody started raving about pintrest. it sounded like this heaven of a place where you can bookmark all your favorite stuff on the internet and check out other people's favorite finds.

problem was, you had to have an invite to join, so i'd just stare awkwardly like the one left out of the party.

UNTIL one of my favorite bloggers offered to send out some invites and she actually sent me one! it was a good day.

so if you'd like an invite, send me your email and i'll pass it on! i think i can send out 10.

but just remember - i warned you - your time will start disappearing.


Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Im hooked too. Just got the invite. My bookmarks on my computer is maxed out! SO FUN and so many inspiring ideas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jess, please send me an invite. I've been wanting to check this out. Hope y'all are getting settled and doing well. Love you guys! =)

Cassie said...

Hey Jess! If you still have some invites left...please send me one...I've been hearing neat things about pinterest and want to see what it's all about :) Thanks girl! Cassie


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