August 7, 2012

first trip down south

we're finally back in wheaton and already missing the south - especially the food (just kidding - we totally especially miss family, who tends to feed us the good food :)

what started out as a 2 week trip ended up being 5 weeks with several stops along the way and a couple trips to the beach. this is probably james' last big break in school for the next 4 years, so we took full advantage of it.

covington was a serious trooper in the 15ish hour drive down and back. he's definitely settled on the two finger suck over the thumb and his feet are his favorite new toy.

the trip started out with a little haircut. apparently the balding-old-man-horshoe-in-the-back isn't in style down south.

james got some much needed time on the lawn mower which is more counseling than money can buy.

we had so much fun playing with sweet cousins. hayze and mary brooke were both quite entertaining.

poor thing - covington never got held or played with :)

both our trips to the beach with family were lots of fun. i'm pretty sure our pasty chicago skin blinded a few people, but after a few layers of scorched skin peeled, we back close to our normal color. covington liked the waves and sand, but wasn't real sure about the pool. i'm pretty sure he just wondered why his bath water was so cold. how cute is he is his little hat and glasses?! totally decked out. he's going to love me for that one day. 

he just wore himself out on most days.

it was such a great trip! how does 5 weeks fly by? we always spend the trip back talking about how blessed we are. 

so. very. blessed. 

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Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Love love love!!!!! Been waiting to see lots of pics! We miss you here.


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