August 23, 2012

what up, dawg

true story -

when i was (hugely) pregnant, i would go up to the gym on wheaton's campus and attempt to run/waddle on the treadmill. now this is a very conservative, mostly undergrad campus, so the sight of a young pregnant girl already draws some unnecessary attention.

well, when i'm running, i might like to listen to lecrae, who's a christian rapper - something's gotta get me pumped up to try to run while carrying a 35 pound basketball. the thing is, unless you know lecrae, you might not really realize it's christian rap until you really listen to the words and i'm guessing i don't really look like someone who listens to a ton of rap.

sooo, i waddle all the way to the gym and up onto the treadmill, turn on my music and put my headphones in. and then i notice it's like the people next to me are kinda intentionally not trying to look at me. but it's ok, i usually get that. i am ginormous and all.

but it keeps happening
and that's when i realize...

my headphones aren't all the way plugged in and everyone can hear my lacrae.

so i guess we know where he got this move from.

avandia recall