August 18, 2012

sweet blessings

the saturday before covington was born, the sweet friends in james' cohort threw us a shower to pray over us. i was really struggling with a lot of aprehension and worry over everything - getting through the last weeks of school, labor, the delivery, having everything ready in time, labor, ever sleeping again, getting the baby to sleep, labor, how it would all affect our marriage, everything. i'm going to blame it on crazy hormones, but it was not fun. james was quoting scripture to me constantly and had a list of scripture written out on my bedside table.

(little did i know that covington would actually come a mere 36 hours later, no, i wouldn't have everything at school done and ready for my sub, and no, i wouldn't have everything ready at home, but it would all work out just perfect and be the best thing that every happened to us ever.)

our sweet friends wrote out their prayers and scriptures for us and then gathered around and prayed for us. it's such an amazing feeling to hear others lift up our worries and concerns to the Lord. 

all of their prayers now hang in covington's nursery and the one in the middle catches my eye often. "we are praying that covington sleeps well, for safety in labor and delivery, for jessica's last days of school." all beautifully answered prayers. thank you, Lord.

by the way - before we moved to chattanooga, our friends prayed over us and prayed specifically for my job - i got a follow up interview and job the next day. here our friends prayed for sweet covington and he was born 2 days later, a full 2 weeks early. that says something, right? if you need something to happen, let me know and i'll just ask my friends to pray :)

thank you, Lord, for such sweet friends and answered prayers

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Abby said...

Aren't they a blessing? You're such an inspiration to many and literally savedmy life by your overflowing love for Christ andprayersand encouragement for me when we worked together. I am forever grateful.


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