August 29, 2012

nap time crafting

putting some pinterest ideas to use - 

you can't beat a $1.49 jewelry tray
 or the mere 30 minutes it took to make 
(which means i still have 90 minutes left in nap time to waste)

and while i've got the spray paint out, how about a little bowl makeover...

i'm pretty sure the 6 kids that live on the third floor think me and my spray painting are a little strange, at least the 3 oldest who stand around and ask me why i'm doing that 
(to make it pretty, of course)
 and i'm just hoping that the lawyers next door don't ever find out it was me that accidently spray painted their parking spot red. in my defense, it was 10:00 at night and i couldn't tell that it was spraying on my board...

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