November 24, 2010

christmas focus

i love christmas

like crazy - listening-to-christmas-music-since-october-thinking-about-presents-sinse-july-gives-me-a-fuzzy-feeling-to-see-hobby-lobby-isles-full-of-xmas-stuff-love-christmas- crazy.


but since i read THIS post a couple weeks ago, i've thought a lot about how i really celebrate HIS birthday. do i execute or experience the season? do i celebrate like a pagan?

if things aren't on a to-do list, i'm not very good at them.

and adding "put focus on Christ" on a list won't really cut it.

SOOO i don't have an answer. just thinking. and praying.

take 2 minutes & go read it.

i love stormy omartian's books on prayers. they so often give words and scriptures to what's in my heart just more eloquently. so i've ordered this one. i get that reading a book won't fix it but i want to take some intentional steps this season.

merry christmas!

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Jillian said...

I LOVED that blog post of Kristas. Such a great reminder and challenge.


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