November 7, 2010


happy happy 23rd (yesterday) to my little brother!

not much blog-worthy going on around here lately...

my school's finally calmed down a little and i'm starting to remember why i decided to teach

james' school has not calmed down and i'm pretty sure he's counting the days until this semester is over

of course, after he wore this to class, they asked him to start teaching the classes, so that's added more work :)

(but for real, james ordered these glasses off line and they didn't look quite so large in the picture. i personally think they look like clark kent glasses. that being said, he doesn't actually wear them out of the house)

i went to the Chatty Crafty art fair this weekend

and got inspired to start my own christmas crafts

and make a couple birthday happies for a girl at school

got a real letter in the mail and it seriously made my week. i forgot how fun it is to get real mail. with stamps. i'm inspired to get off the computer and write more letters

and that's about it.

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