November 10, 2010

thrift store makeover

do you ever read about some fantastic makeover on the ugliest thrift store clothes,
get inspired,
go buy something ugly from the thrift store,
& then have no idea what to do?
yep, me too.
and then it haunts me just sitting there in my sewing basket.
this is the last time i'm buying something ugly from a thrift store.

so before:
the picture doesn't do justice. it was ugly - high waisted, long, lots and lots of gathers, not real flattering

enter elastic thread. for some reason this stuff has been scaring me for months. i finally took the plunge and hand wound my bobbin with it and... it worked!

yea, when you buy stuff sheared in a store, it has neat, straight lines that don't overlap.
i gave up on that about line 3 and decided to mark it up as my first try.
i just won't let the waistband show.

i added pockets but wish i'd made them lots bigger.
live and learn.

not pretty but you get the idea - i cut the top half of the skirt off and most of the sides, sewed it back together, and then the elastic pulled it all together.

and after

easy comfortable a-line skirt.

glad i conquered the fear of elastic thread and got this beauty out of the sewing pile.
i'll think twice before being swayed to buy another ugly skirt from the thrift store.

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