November 16, 2010

purse project

I've been wanting to try to sew a purse ever since Shelley gave me this awesome book for my birthday and it's only taken 4 months for me to get the courage to attempt it.

I got this fabric at Ikea on one of our trips a couple months ago and sewed the bag part.

pretty proud of my liner and pockets :)

at this point, I'm loving the bag but it's definitely feeling a bit homemade, not in the good way.
I went to Anthropolgie for some inspiration and found this bag with some leather details

well leather runs a little high for me, so - don't hate - but i got the softest vinyl i could find :) I know vinyl isn't quite anthro, but hopefully it's not screaming homemade

(hmmm, maybe i should check my picture backgrounds a little better, as beautiful as the big white fridge is...)

anyway...this project was so much fun!
thanks so so much for the inspiration, Shelley!!


Abby said...

You simply amaze me! How do you have the energy to do this? You are my hero....

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

I love your bag! Bags are so intimidating but when you finally finish one it feels really good huh?


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