November 19, 2010

house tour

as much as we absolutely loved living in the barn, i don't think i ever imagined downsizing from its' spacious 890 sq. feet.

then we moved to chattanooga

492 square feet. oooh yea.

it definitely took a little bit of re-thinking about what we really wanted here with us and what we could do without (goodbye table, gail pittman extras, and excess camo). we unpacked and then repacked a bunch of boxes & sent them back to storage in the 'burg.

after all was said and done, we're absolutely loving it here. i can officially sleep through typing with the lamp on & james can study like a champ through most anything.

wanna see a little?

it's a big house that James' nicest professor has split up into several apartments. that's ours with the light on upstairs.

fun curtains from World Market! love that store. and my favorite drawing of grace's :)

old school lazy boy? check
bike? check
tent? check
guitar? check
side table i meant to paint months ago? check
at least the wall is fun, right?

this large blank wall is throwing me off - would i center something in the middle of the wall or middle of the couch? pretty sure it would bother me either way so it's probably going to stay blank

*hopefully* a little christmas present we pick up at ikea tomorrow will change this little space!

room #2

where james spends lots & lots of time

more ikea shelves. not the neatest but quite functional. i promise i start out folding our clothes

fun little old school medicine cabinet

my little sewing space with my basket of on-going projects underneath

we've got this little space loaded up! there's 2 plastic bins and more spray painted file boxes behind those 4. you should have seen me trying to get our heater out of the back bottom bin (try to say that 5x fast)

for what our kitchen is lacking in counter space, it makes up in the awesome huge drawers. if we ever build a house, i'm definitely asking for big drawers.

and that's it!

i gotta say i haven't missed much of what we packed up.
best part?
cleaning is quick. i'll definitely enjoy that while i can :)

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Michaela said...

Love the shower curtain!!


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