March 1, 2011

a little ring bling

i love rings. the bigger, the better. and what's cuter than buttons? especially 50%off?
put 'em all together and you get a little ring bling :)

i took the elastic band saved off of my latest shoes from target and tied it around my finger

hot glued it to the back of the button

and covered it with a little felt

and that's it! (don't look at the nails - some nail biting decisions this week)

definitely not the hardest project ever and maybe not the nicest, but my little girls at school love them and they're just a little bit of fun! who doesn't need that?


Michelle said...

Once again--so cute! You should link up to some parties to show off your cuteness:-) There's a list on my sidebar if you're interested!

Kiki Risa said...

Love your emi-jay hair band!:) aren't they the best? :)
kelly k. shannon


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