March 21, 2011

summer dresses

my sweet friend abby was tired of this curtain she had in her kitchen, so we decided to make it into something new. how 'bout a little dress?
so i used a dress to see about how wide we needed it and cut two rectangles

serged them up the sides

made 2 little casings - one at the top and one in the middle

and threaded some elastic through

a quick hem

and added an easy sash
and wa-la! fun summer dress!

so this was a bit too easy to make. i could become addicted. planning to make myself a couple tomorrow...
(hope you like it, abs!)


HilaryElise said...

1. I didn't know you were so talented with a sewing machine. I'm SO inspired!

2. I didn't know you blogged! I will now be following religiously.

3.I miss you so much and think about you all the time!

love you!


melanie said...

Too cute! I want one!


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