March 23, 2011

slipcover accomplished!!!

so we have this chair.
it's a lazy boy
i have a love/hate relationship with it.

but i definitely love it more than hate it. it's the perfect place to take a nap or curl up and it's sooo comfortable. it's a lazy boy, right?

but it's not the prettiest thing because, well, it's a lazy boy.

but when you're young and married and in school, any free furniture is pretty much beautiful in my eyes, if you know what i mean.

so anyway, when we got married 4 years ago, my mil and sister in laws wrestled an awesome red slipcover on it to make it match the barn and it looked great (have you ever tried to put a lazy boy slipcover on? i was wrestling just trying to get it off!) but i was ready for a change.

i've looked everywhere for a slipcover that's straight on the bottom, like not elastic, but no such luck. so last summer when dirt cheap got a huge shipment of target linens, i picked up 2 thick cotton tablecloths for just a couple bucks (total steal!) thinking i'd try to sew one. well, i'm a total dork when it comes to trying new projects and read and read and think about it and plan it but get totally scared to actually cut into the fabric. i even bought { pink and polk dot's } 'the lazy girl's guide to custom slipcovers' e-book and it was awesome with step by step directions and lots of pictures but i was still scared. and then spring break came and i finished all my other projects and got bored enough to finally try it out and - you know what -

it wasn't that bad!!!

it's sooo far from perfect but it's covered and it's bright and a good change and it was a great learning experience.
you can see the seams in one of the corners but it's nothing a throw pillow can't fix if-you-know-what-i'm-sayin
and i can take it off and throw it in the wash with some bleach anytime it needs it.

whooo that was a lot of words. on to the pictures -

before -

but really this is the before because this is what it looked like most of the time...

and after -

woohoo for one more thing off my list and fabric out of my pile!


Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Found you from Shabby Shic cottage...cute tutorial...not sure if I'd have the guts to try that. new follower btw--connie,

Kristen said...

Looks great! I love how it brightened up the space - the white allows the colorful art to really pop! Awesome!


Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...

looks fantastic! you did such a great job! way to go girl!

Jessica said...

First off, your slipcover looks great, I wish I were more brave with my sewing :) Second, it is such a small world, I'm Jessica too and I live in Chattanooga! It looks like you are getting ready to move on to the big city so good luck to you and your husband!

Finding Home said...

Love the whole corner, great job!

Meghan Elaine said...

The chair looks so good, but I am in LOVE with the whole wall behind it! You have such great taste! said...

Looks GREAT!
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And I have a party button you can grab and put on your blog so your friends can come too:)




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