March 12, 2011


there's been a whole lots of nothing interesting going on around here...

i got to go to a christ tomlin concert with these sweet girlies i work with. trying to soak up all the time we've got here.

after a horrendous week with 3 midterms and 2 papers in 3 days, james is enjoying his spring break. he's perfected his biscuits and they are amaaaazing. ( fyi - they include sprite and sour cream but they're good)

these bloomed all over chattanooga overnight it seemed and they are b-e-a-utiful!

i've been a *bit* overwhelmed this week with

report cards

oceans module

illinois school applications

and illinois teaching certification applications

but scholastic orders always make me giddy b/c i'm totally dorky like that

and there's 5 days until spring break

and yesterday was friday which means happy cart. we literally look forward to this all week.
best. thing. ever.
caffine and homemade sugar right when we think we're not going to make it to 3:00 on friday. i love the pta

i've been working on a few new projects, but nothing too interesting yet.

and we'll continue to trust the Lord when our car need a new motor and everything else that connects to the motor. He knows how much we have in our little savings account so we have no doubt he'll provide.
upside - it felt like we were riding a roller coaster on the highway when the motor went out and i looove roller coasters.
(the car in better days...)

well, with all that exciting info, i'm off to play with this. oooh yea. that's a miter saw in our apartment. our neighbors are going to love us.

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