March 22, 2011

moving prep...

so we've got project eat-out-of-the-freezer going on around here. with 2 months before the big move, let's just say we'll be eating a lot of pork chops in the next couple weeks. know any good recipes?

actually it's more like project clean-out-everything and it makes me soooo happy. i'm using up all the mini lotions collected from hotels this year, eating cereal that's been in there longer than it should have, and actually planning meals around what we already have - novel idea, i know.

so right now i'm eating budget $aver sugar-free pops and, for the record, they are not good. forget the budget. spring for the fudgsicles. but you know i can't just throw them away :)

alright, i'm off to clean out some veggie burgers for lunch. yum. i'll be using lots of cheese and ketchup.

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