November 27, 2012

9 months

i know i say this every month, but we are loving this stage!  it's really hitting us that we have a real live kid around here - i know, it only took 9 months to sink in, right :)

so covington started off his 8th month by crawling. after rocking on his hands and knees for a while, he finally took off and didn't look back. he's pulling up all the time and getting into everything.

 he loves crawling up to us when we're on the floor, pulling up, and jumping like crazy. 

this is what i feel like he's constantly doing - about to dive off something. one night we put him to bed with an egg on his forehead and a swollen eye. awesome. 

 he's still hanging out at the 10% in height and weight at 17.9 pounds. he loves eating and will try anything. if he doesn't like, no problem - he'll just keep it in his mouth for the next couple hours. a lady at the grocery store was talking to him and said, um i think there's something green in his mouth...just a green bean from lunch and couple hours ago :)  he will also eat anything off the floor. he can find a spare thread on the carpet to chew on no matter how often i vacuum. his 5th tooth came in this week and he's putting them to great use.

 one of my favorite things about this month is that he really loves james. he always loved playing and wrestling with him, but would want me if i tried to leave. no more - now he follows james when he leaves the room and beams when he walks in. he cracks up at any noise james makes and loves to rub his scratchy face. the cutest is when he crawls over and climbs into his lap - melt my heart!

have i mentioned we're in love?

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