November 5, 2012


an iphone photo dump...

every time he falls asleep in the car seat, he's holding on to the blue handle. it's sad (but kinda funny) when his hand gets heavy enough to turn the song back on :)

how does this even happen?? 

with covington running fever and james in class, we didn't do anything for halloween, but in case he ever asks, the boys dressed up as Captain America for cov's first halloween :)

it's still hard for me to believe he's big enough to sit in the buggy all by himself!

so proud of himself!

i'm having so much fun with our little family!


Lindsey said...

Precious!!! I really can't believe how big he's getting! I think it's because you guys live away and if you were here, I would probably be running into you every Sunday. It doesn't seem like he's big enough to be doing the buggy thing!

Lora said...

Oh my goodness Jess! He's so big. And even with a fever he was smiling! I miss you guys so much and love seeing these wonderful pictures of y'all!


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