November 10, 2012

he's a real live boy!

it's all happened in a week. a way too fast week.
for the last few weeks, covington has been pushing up on his hands and knees and rocking and i was savoring those last few weeks of immobility. well that's no more. he's growing up.

last wednesday, covington put those little pinchers to use and fed himself for the first time! yay for finger food! this has totally transformed the whole fussy-while-i-try-to-cook-supper time. love it.

then thursday, he put all the rocking together and took off crawling across the room. it was slow, but he was on his way. sometimes he was determined and proud of himself. sometimes he was just mad and fussing that it was taking so long. crawling is hard work! 2 things that make him book it across the room - food and a computer :)

on monday, he pushed up from his belly to sitting - so. so. good. do you know how frustrated a crawling kiddo can get when he's stuck on his belly? now the whole apartment is his playground.

then he started trying this. He wasn't really getting anywhere, but whoa. this all happening fast.

look at those little baby leg rolls! i can't get enough!!

on wednesday morning, we walked into his room and look who was standing up in his crib all by himself! first time we had ever seen him pull up by himself! he's smiling in the picture, but he was not real happy about being up there and didn't know how to get down - poor thing! guess it's time to drop the crib down...

(check out the bed hair! maybe he did get something from me...)

and just like that, our lives had been transformed. our little baby is crawling on the floor pushing a tractor around.

my favorite part of all this? cov crawling in my lap wherever i go. is there a sweeter feeling? (i'm guessing this might get old when there's 3 of them and i can't go anywhere without someone sitting on my, but for now, it's the best thing ever :)

as covington was standing up at the coffee table this week, james looked at me and said, "we have a kid. he's like a real boy now."

and it's so true

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