November 15, 2012

dave ramsey inspired cash wallet

 i needed some serious inspiration to actually stick to the all cash diet going on around here and ratty, worn out envelopes stuffed in my wallet just wasn't doing the trick. so i started looking around and all i could find were some seriously expensive dave ramsey inspired wallets on etsy and some plans that you had to pay to download - isn't the point of this to save money?? so after lots of searching, i decided to combine {this} and {this} to make a little wallet, in case anyone else is looking for a little help.

it's far (far) from perfect and the front little flap is crazy crooked, but i decided to use it for a couple weeks to see if i could live with it and - surprise surprise - i'm doing just fine with the imperfections :)

i'm loving all the little envelopes in the middle keeping me organized! i was worried that it would all fall out of the top with the envelopes open, but with the flap on the top, there hasn't been a problem at all.

 in defense of the expensive etsy ones, i would totally charge lots of money to make another one of these. it wasn't hard, it just took forever and i'm not really that great at projects that take multiple days :)

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Lindsey said...

Is there anything you can't do :)


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