November 7, 2012


last week, covington had his first real non-tooth related fever for a few days. it was sad but i can't say i hated all the extra cuddling...

with all the extra time at home and super long naps plus james being crazy - pulling an all nighter - busy, i had lots of time for projects. when i proudly showed james how i'd organized our medicine cabinet and put labels on each shelf, he asked if i was starting to feel a little cooped up :)

i do love a good project! 
how great is wonder under?? some super clearance finds from babies-r-us with strategically placed appliqu├ęs make some fun little tee's 

i'd been looking for a storage ottoman for a few weeks before finding this one on sale at target for $8.50! what! 
i hot glued a yard of fabric on that i'd been saving for a year
and it's the perfect little toy storage! 

i got tired of looking for the perfect fabric to cover this shade with, so i just painted it - not perfect but better than before.

and my favorite - i've only been meaning to do this for a year... when covington took over our 2nd bedroom, james' "office" was squeezed into the corner of our bedroom. if you gotta use a filing cabinet for your bedside table, you might as well bling it up a little. i'm sure james appreciates it so much more now :)

i never get tired of gold and white :)


Lora said...

Your craftiness amazes me! I love how the projects turned out :)

Lindsey said...

I wish I was half as talented as you! Love everything!!!


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