October 30, 2010

chalkboard love

last year, my dad found a bunch of old frames next to the dumpster & grabbed them for me - yea, he's pretty great like that :) i've been saving this one especially for a chalkboard redo.

i spray painted the frame white and covered up that *gorgeous* print with some chalkboard paint and some blue around the edges.
i broke the glass in the process so it's a good thing i didn't need it anyway.
put it all pack together and


i still have to pick out some pictures for the other 2 frames, but other than that, the wall is done!

i definitely went more bright & fun with the wall and was a little nervous that it would look more dorm room-ish. but you know what?
i like it.
it makes me smile.
and james is pretty easy going as far a decor goes so i guess were good!


The Gundy Bunch said...

i like it, too, jess!!!! you are amazing!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the blue mat around the chalkboard! I've been wanting to do a chalkboard frame too, and I think that's a great way to add some color. Super cute blog :)

Missy said...

Totally totally love it! And I love the way you arranged the wall too! I want on just like it!


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