October 19, 2010

cute, easy burp cloths

one of the first things that i learned to sew was these simple burp cloths.

emily game me a stack of the cutest fabric and the directions on how to make these and i felt like she had just given me a million dollars.

thus began my fabric obsession.

1. cut a rectangle out of fabric and a towel

2. sew the right sides together and then trim the corners off (don't actually cut through the seams like i did here - demonstration purposes, of course)

3. turn the burp cloth right side out through the small opening that you left when sewing and iron
(why is there always ironing involved?)

4. sew a top stitch because it looks pretty

5. welcome to the world baby josiah, who was born to sweet seagie and stu only a couple hours ago!


Bluebird Hill said...

Love the fabric! This reminds me I need to make some of these!
I also LOVE the new header and background. Too cute!

The Gundy Bunch said...

ah! love it! i actually just made some of these last week for a sweet friend tha tjust had a baby! they are the best, easiest little gift!


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