October 21, 2010

embroidery hoops

so i finally decided to start hanging things on the walls!

here's the beginning of my big project this week -

no wonder people all over blogland are doing this -
the whole project cause me less that $2.50
& helped use some of my fabric stash

this is what's on the other side

i got this print for james for our 3rd anniversary from www.vol25.com. love her stuff. honestly, i got it for me and pretended to give it to him but he was a good sport about it :) i thought it was appropriate since we've moved away from everything and everyone we know, right?

i hung it in a thrift store frame painted white and have a bigger clip that i want to use, but its at school and there's no way i'm heading there over fall break!

the wall is coming along. i forgot how homey it looks when things are on the wall. love!

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