October 22, 2010


so when we moved to chattanooga and started doing things like, oh you know, paying rent, the christmas budget needed a little tweaking

i needed a thrifty gift for the sweet girls i teach with
(don't you love how i said thrifty instead of cheap? i'm classy like that :)

well, I saw this tutorial for the cutest dishtowels and *bonus* it helps me clean out my fabric stash! (btw - have you noticed yet how all I do is blog stalk people and then copy their creative projects?)

i picked up a pack of these dishtowels at target on my last several trips because what's another $4, right?

side note - yes, it's entirely too early to start talking about christmas, but i'm not very good at sewing in general and sewing under time pressure would be close to disastrous, so it's quite necessary that i start early

during the state/florida game when i was too nervous to actually look at the tv, i cut long strips of fabric with my pinking shears

for some of them, i ironed the edges back, but i hate ironing, so i went with the cute/messy look on some of them

pinned the edges of the strips to the edges of the towel

and the arranged the rest of the strips in messy ruffles and pinned them down

sewed around the edges of the strips and tada! cute dishtowels!

merry christmas!

1 comment:

Bluebird Hill said...

Awesome! I need to give you more fabric!
Girl - you need fall break more often! You have turned out some projects:)


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