October 14, 2010

shirt refashions

I got these tank tops last Christmas at Old Navy on major sale, but they've been sitting in my sewing pile since then. Since I'm on a mission to use up my fabric stash, I decided to finally do something with them.

before -

I love this fabric. I covered a chair that I had in college with it, but sadly it broke beyond repair a couple months ago. I salvaged some of the seat fabric before I tossed the chair.

First I cut out some shapes out of the fabric.

I put some Fray Check on the sides

then laid them out on the shirt and pinned it all down.

I tried it on and realized the placing was way too big and looked terrible (I definitely almost skipped this step) so I moved them around and

sewed it down!

before - super boring black tank

I used some chiffon in my stash to sew a tube and then ruffled it and pinned it down

did the same thing with some gray fabric in my stash

sewed it all down

and done! Not too exciting but much better than the plain black.

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The Gundy Bunch said...

jess! i am so super impressed with all of your adorable sewing projects!! you are so creative, it's wonderful!! hope you are doing well!


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