October 7, 2010

Japan A-Z

Here's where the Museum and Magnet part of Normal Park Museum Magnet School are coming into play:

Every day we spend about 40 minutes on 'module.' I've never heard of it before moving here but each 9 weeks we learn in-depth about a different subject as our social studies / science curriculum. Each grade is different but in 2nd grade we study Japan, Native Americans, dinosaurs, and the ocean.

We went to Sushi Nabi for lunch one day, went to the Hunter Museum to study Japanese art, made Rice Houses in art class, and watched the life cycle of real silk worms - all the way from babies to creating silk - in science class. Everything has been focused on Japan for the last 2 months. Now we have our big exhibit night on Thursday so we've created a Japanese Museum in our hall with all our projects.

Here's the cute girls I work with in 2nd grade

and here a little taste of Japan:

These are the 4 projects that my kids worked on all by themselves. They're quite proud

H is for Home. Oh yea, that's a sliding door. I just hope no one actually tries to slide it.

J is for Japan's Climate. This one killed me. I really wanted to intervene.

F is for Food. How cute is that sushi?!

T is for Transportation. If you were confused, that would be a smart car and a bullet train.

To show understanding, each kid has to do a couple 'labels,' answering questions about Japan or telling about their projects. We then type, print, and mount them.

I had to do mine twice because I cut to much white off the sides the first time.
I cried. at school. twice. not my best day.

And here's a little bit of the rest of the hall:

It's been fun, but let's just say I'm really excited about heading to Hattiesburg on Friday for a fun wedding and family time!

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