January 9, 2011

christmas crafts, final round

so this is definitely a different type of craft but when i saw it on { under the sycamore } i knew i wanted to do it for em, grace, and me.

i've always loved to idea of journaling but time usually wins out plus i kinda wonder what to do with them when i finish - am i ever really going to go back and read them...

SO i loved this idea of a perpetual calendar

each day you write down 1 thing that happened. the first year won't be super rewarding, but think how fun it will be in 10 years to look back at all the things that happened on that date.

index cards stamped with each day of the year fill the box

with fun scrapbook paper separating each month

it sits on my bedside table and takes about 10 seconds each night.
so far i've written things like

jan 1 - state beat michigan
jan 5 - logan & cody came to chattanooga
jan 8 - ate with dad in atlanta

not life changing events but definitely fun memories to look back on

next to it sits this pretty little box that jills modge podged for me in all my favorite colors

inside she wrote 31 verses - one for each day of the month - on index cards.
i love reading one each night right before i go to bed.
the best way to end the day.
isn't that the best idea?! go jills.

plus every time i see this handwriting, i think of jills and what a special person she is to me (totally bffl)

so there's my little 2 minute nightly routine with some fun crafts to spur it on.


Tracy said...

Jessica, I LOVE this adorable Perpetual Calendar! I'm definitely going to make one! Love all the great ideas here on your blog!

Meaghan said...

I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing :) What did you use to print the date? Also where did you get the cute little box?


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