January 18, 2011

more snowed in projects

i looove hoodies but just try to find one in a cute girlie color - no luck
soooo, enter one of my favorite things -

now i've used rit in my washing machine before, followed the directions on the back, and never had any problems what-so-ever
buuut, we're renting from one of james professors and sharing a machine with 5 other people, so we decided to play it safe

the directions say to stir continually for 30-60 minutes - ugh - but when it's snowing, all we've got is time
so i got a plastic trash can, and yard stick to stir, and some hot water from the stove


a diet coke, some turkey pepperoni's, the heater, and a computer to catch up on castle :)

stirring, stirring, (blurry but the camera died soon after)

after stirring, i rinsed it out in the sink (no problems with it staining our white sink) and washed and dried. now i think it turns out better dying in the washing machine - the color is more saturated and there aren't any blotchy places, but it'll work to run errands for sure.
and while we're fancying up a hoodie, why not add a couple rolled flowers

this little project has been in my sewing stuff since last year and now that i got a serger - woohoo!!! - there's no reason to avoid sewing knits

i got some weird little stains on the bottom of this shirt last winter but couldn't stand to throw it out so i cut the bottom off

sewed a tube out of some jersey

and serged them together

(oooh how i hate to take pictures of myself but this looked terrible hanging up, i tried every angle i could, oh well)
i added a little sash to cover up the seems and waaala!


Lindsey said...

Jessica!!! You are just way too talented! I love seeing all of your crafty projects :) Didn't know the dying system of using your washing machine. I have 2 white cotton bubbles that I meant to do something with for Kenadie, never got around to it and always thought it would look better dyed. Will try to make myself use those two bubbles for Berkley. Love the dress btw! Super cute!

Jill said...

I was just thinking this morning about how I might go about dying some off white curtains I have...and now I don't have to log onto YouTube! :) Thanks! Also, love the dress!


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