January 10, 2011

snow days

warning: picture overload...

we're definitely loving all our snow days here!
chattanooga is great because it snow lots more here, but everything still shuts down which means...
no school!

james woke me up late last night to look at the snow pouring down

of course we needed to drive around this morning...
this was how deep it was on our windshield

we got 8 inches by this morning and it's still coming down!

isn't everything so pretty covered in snow!

we've definitely learned a couple things about snow days -

1 - they're perfect for breakfast at waffle house

2 - our heater does not enjoy snow piled up on it. thank goodness for space heaters.

3 - use the four wheel drive vehicle.

i might have insisted that we take my car to our pastor's house because it was already warmed up and we might have had to drive up several seriously steep hills and the road might have then frozen over and we might have had to leave our car on the side of the road after sliding down a hill towards someone's living room.

lesson learned.

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