January 3, 2011

quick photo shoot

sooo you don't need much to have a fun little photo shoot -

i've seen the cutest chalkboards on etsy to use as picture props - well i was short on time and wood, so i went ghetto style by cutting the talk bubble out of cardboard

and spraying it with a few coats of chalkboard paint

a quick trip to the dollar store & i got poster board and glitzy garland to make party hats and some fun party blower thingies

i cut some triangles out of scrapbook paper and hot glued them to some (newish) shoe strings that i found in james' bedside table - definitely workin' with what i got here, peeps!

i needed a spot with good light (but not too bright) sooo i hung a white sheet over the doors on the kent's back porch, pinned the banner to it, and started taking pictures!

here's a few more important parts:
1. an suuuuper sweet hubby who thinks i'm crazy but goes along with it anyway
2. something to make us laugh - like his new ukulele - because you can't help but laugh when listening to a ukulele
3. an understanding father-in-law to take the pictures for us when i couldn't get the tripod even

and that's it! easy peasy :)

1 comment:

The Gardners said...

Thanks for letting us borrow your idea! I think you should keep the chalkboard bubble and use it for fun posts throughout the year! Birthdays...James' last day of school...
Miss ya'll already!


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