January 21, 2011

pattern sewing!!

ooh i'm so excited -
it's been one of my goals to saw using an actual pattern for, ummm, like a year and i finally did it!
yea, this is no big deal to most people but i pretty much feel like a rockstar for actually figuring it out :)

day 1 - watched lots of videos on youtube on how to read a pattern, seems easy enough

day 2 - umm, it wasn't as easy as it looked on youtube. there's lots of paper and i'm scared.

day 3 - finally get everything lined up ( i think ) and it's not fitting on my fabric - ugh. quit.

day 4 - new day, new fabric (iphone pic)
i finally figure out why i'm cutting out 2 of one piece and only 1 of everything else ('cause they're all on the fold!) big step for me. actually get stuff cut out before getting too nervous & quit. still can't quite figure out where all these pieces are going.

day 5 - bored out. of. my. mind. our plans cancelled on us. 8:30. nothing to do. so i finally started sewing and - you know what - it wasn't that hard! side note - i might have picked the easiest pattern ever - no zippers, no exact arm holes, just elastic

oh how i love my new serger (thanks mom!!) im sure you all gaze at the seams in your clothes with pride too, right?

after i got the whole dress put together, i got a little cocky and figured out how to use the rolled hem on my serger

i do love it!

james recommended adding some ruffles to the collar to make it look a little less homemade. he even picked out the yellow. im pretty impressed with his consulting. i'll probably continue using his expertise.

if i use this pattern again, i'll probably use a smaller size and and make it a little longer but overall, i like it! and i've finally accomplished my goal of using a pattern. woohoo!

1 comment:

Meaghan said...

Awesome job! I am so impressed! This dress would look great with a big belt.

I'm going to need your help when I try my hand at this sewing thing :)


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