January 14, 2011


8 inches of snow + temps below 30 for a week =
icy roads, no school for a week and really long icicles outside our window!

so you know you've got good friends when they plan their anniversary trip to where you live and then let you totally crash their whole weekend! we had so much fun with Logan and Cody last week - lots of eating, driving around, and hanging out late. I felt like i was in college again!

mr. troy even surprised us with a trip out and took us all out to eat - told you we crashed their whole trip!

if you plan your anniversary trip to chattanooga, i promise we won't bug you the whole time, but we had an absolute blast with logan and cody. thanks, guys!

on saturday before the snow hit, we headed up to atlanta to see my dad who was working a big show downtown. we had a little too much fun walking around and taking our picture with the ginormous tractors

there were satellite t.v.'s in the tractors! james second guessed his calling for a minute or two...

and this is a pic of my dad's hotel, standing in the lobby looking up. cool, huh? i pretended i was a six flags while riding the elevator. i'm a total sucker for heights :)

have we mentioned how much we love it when people come visit us?!

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