January 13, 2011

handmade gifts

this year, emily, grace, & i decided to do some handmade gifts for each other.
i like to try to be crafty and all, but these girls have real talent, like with paint...
can i just say wow.

*sorry for uggg pics, snowy days stuck in the apt = not much light...grrr

em ordered this calendar from etsy and then watercolored it herself. how cute is it?! i mean, learning to watercolor is some serious dedication to a handmade christmas. just look at that little purple flower. and when the year is over, i can cut the top off and frame just the little owls. oooh how i love fun art. awesome job, em!

she also sewed these awesome infinity scarves that i can't get enough of. snow day? yes, thank you. i'm totally copying these.

grace hand-sewed this pin cushion. um, adorable. looks just like it came from anthropologie, don't 'cha think? the jk, the beaded flowers, the buttons, absolutely love it. it's like art on my desk. i never put it up because it's just that fun. awesome!

and wow. grace has some serious talent. seriously. no words. im. in. love.

handmade gifts are so fun because i get to think about the special person who made them every time i see them. thanks so much girls, i absolutely love them. now ya'll need to teach me how to watercolor. love ya'll!

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