January 27, 2011

organizing fun

so i'm a serious sucker for some organization
especially cheap organization

so when i saw this idea to organize my falling down piles of fabric that drive me crazy, i immediately headed to the dollar tree.

i got 7 pieces of foam board, measured my little shelves, and drew off 8 rectangles to make some mini-bolts

cut out all the bolts

folded my fabric and wrapped it around

and used straight pins to secure it

all wrapped up

oh how i love how neat and organized they are! i can actually see all the fabric i have. it's so pretty... and all for $7

as for the rest of our over-stuffed closet...

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Hey Jessica! We spent the weekend with Philip and Shelley and they told me to check out your blog! I love it! I'm a "newbie" blogger and am definitely inspired:-)How is Chattanooga?


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